Azul Systems Joins Sponsors of Digital Travel Summit 2015

Azul will be participating in this year’s Digital Travel Summit, Europe’s most senior level e-commerce event for the travel industry.

The summit, which will take place in London (Hilton, London Tower Bridge) from 9am on June 17 – 18, will bring together over 150 senior decision-makers from the travel sector to discuss best practices and practical changes to transform digital strategies and drive online revenue growth. Summit sessions will also focus on how to personalise customer engagement, leverage data analytics, capitalise on mobile and optimise eCommerce platforms.

Azul has been a trusted supplier to the online retail, e-commerce and travel sectors for over 12 years. At the show Azul experts will be on hand to discuss Zing®, Azul’s flagship Java runtime technology that helps web-based systems deliver a better and more consistent end-user experience – without changing a line of code in existing applications. For online travel, Zing helps reduce session abandonment rates, makes recommendation and pricing engines more effective and allows travelers to make more timely decisions.

US-based Priceline uses Zing to ensure consistent performance within their hotel booking platform, delivering updated pricing and availability data within milliseconds via their Java-based caching subsystem. You can read more about how Priceline has integrated Zing into their stack in a recent article on the Enterprise Tech website.

To see all of our upcoming events, visit:

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Azul Systems Joins Eclipse Foundation

Azul Systems has joined the Eclipse Foundation to bring Open Source, multiplatform Java SE to the developer community and the IoT.

Announcement highlights:

  • Azul to work with industry and academic partners at the Eclipse Foundation to deliver open source Java development and runtime solutions for the IoT.
  • Azul to provide the Eclipse community with new options that will speed time to market, reduce component costs, and increase developer productivity.
  • Azul to play a key role in establishing open source Java as the platform for IoT.

Azul Systems (Azul), has joined the Eclipse Foundation, bringing over a decade of Java knowledge and expertise to multiple open source community projects. Working collaboratively with other members of the Eclipse community, Azul will provide developers with access and insight into Zulu® and Zulu Embedded, Azul’s fully commercialized, 100% open source builds of OpenJDK.

As a Solution-level member of the Eclipse Foundation, Azul will be actively participating in the Eclipse Foundation’s IoT working group. Azul’s latest open source offering, Zulu Embedded, provides developers and manufacturers in the embedded, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) markets with a robust, flexible open source alternative to traditional embedded Java implementations. Zulu Embedded is particularly relevant to organizations that require customizable, multiplatform, reduced-footprint, and standards compliant Java SE runtimes and development solutions. Launched in March 2015, Zulu Embedded is already installed in over 2 million devices worldwide.

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director at the Eclipse Foundation, said: “Azul Systems is 100% focussed on Java and Java runtime technology which supports our objective of establishing a Java platform for IoT, targeted at connecting and managing devices. The expertise it brings to the community will encourage developers to harvest the productivity benefits of Java and accelerate the widespread adoption of the language throughout the IoT.”

Scott Sellers, President and CEO of Azul Systems, said: “We’re delighted to become members of the Eclipse Foundation. As the world’s most popular programming language, Java is a natural fit for developers targeting the plethora of devices and environments across the IoT. By working closely with the Eclipse community, together we can broaden the use of Java and open source solutions and help accelerate cost-effective innovation across the IoT.”

Zulu Embedded is available immediately for a wide variety of operating systems, hardware platforms and Java versions 6, 7, and 8. To learn more about Zulu Embedded, and to request support plan pricing, visit

Complete, certified builds of Zulu, Azul’s build of OpenJDK, are available:

If you’re at IoT World this week, meet the Azul team at Booth 114 at the Moscone Center. The show opens at 8:30 AM May 12, 2015.

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Azul Zing’s ReadyNow! is an ABA Awards Finalist!

Azul’s ReadyNow!™ technology has been selected by the American Business Awards (ABA) committee as a finalist in the products and services category for financial services. The ABAs, known as Stevies®, are the premier business awards program in the US. It was started in 2002, and each year Stevies are presented to business organizations and individuals based on their achievements.

If you’re not yet familiar with ReadyNow!, it slashes Java warm-up time by allowing IT organizations to save and reuse compiler profiles across runs, and gives developers more control over Java performance at application startup. ReadyNow! allows Java applications to start up fast and stay fast, even when load conditions change. As part of Zing, our advanced JVM, ReadyNow! technology helps deliver consistent low latency and predictable response times, providing more opportunities for additional trading revenue.

Azul VM engineer Douglas Hawkins is the key engineer behind ReadyNow!, and you can see him speak live at the upcoming Lone Star Software Symposium May 30 and 31.

We are honored that ReadyNow! has been chosen as a finalist. Each finalist is also automatically entered into the running for a People’s Choice Stevie Award, so when the voting is available we’ll let you know.

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Integration Systems Partners With Azul Systems to Enhance Global Low Latency Offerings

News highlights:

– Technology innovators in financial markets partner to provide Integration Systems customers with access to enhanced low latency solution
– Integration Systems now offers Azul Zing to solve Java response time and warm-up problems

On May 5, 2015, we announced a partnership with Integration Systems, a global software solutions provider for the financial markets, which enables Integration Systems’ new and existing customers to leverage the power of Zing®, Azul’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is aimed at environments requiring low latency and high performance.

Azul Zing is a unique JVM that provides consistent low-latency with high throughput, supports large in-memory datasets without performance penalties, and solves the Java “warm-up” problem. Zing eliminates the operational interruptions and response time outliers often experienced by Java-based trading, risk and compliance applications in financial markets. Azul’s ReadyNow!™ technology solves Java’s warm-up problem by allowing applications to start fast at the opening bell and stay fast even as market conditions change during the day.

Theo Long, Managing Director North America at Integration Systems, said: “The need for speed and how to deliver speed continues to drive innovation in financial markets. However, if data delivery becomes unreliable the benefits of gaining a fraction of a second advantage over your competitor can be lost. With Zing, we can now offer our customers a Java-based solution which provides not only low latency but more importantly consistency of throughput.”

“We are delighted to welcome Integration Systems into our partner program,” said Scott Sellers, President and CEO of Azul Systems. “Zing is specifically designed for the real time business, and by removing the shortcomings of Java such as inconsistent response times and application jitter, it enables solution providers like Integration Systems to deliver best-in-breed solutions to their customers in the financial markets.”

As always, you can request a free evaluation copy of Zing at

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April 30 Webcast – “Latency: It’s not just about speed anymore”

Inside Market DataAzul Systems CTO Gil Tene will be participating in a live webcast alongside representatives from UBS, BNP Paribas and Thomson Reuters on April 30 at 10 AM  New York (3 PM London) time.

Facilitated by Inside Market Data, the webcast, ‘Latency: It’s not just about speed anymore’, will explore the changing influence of low-latency technology and how the “race to zero” is no longer driving next-generation systems. The panel will discuss how real-time analytics and new value added services are taking advantage of low-latency architectures today and how the use cases for low latency are expanding to new asset classes and more complex strategies.

Azul Systems CTO and Co-Founder Gil Tene will be one of the webcast panelists and Max Bowie, Editor, Inside Market Data will be moderator for the panel. Additional panelists will include Richard Bell, eFX Project Manager, BNP Paribas, Patrick Kuster, Head of Business Development for Enterprise Services, EMEA, Thomson Reuters and Nikhil Bagga, Director, Low Latency Systems, UBS.

To register for the free webcast, visit

For further information about Azul Systems, visit: or follow us on Twitter: @AzulSystems


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Congratulations to the Sell Side Technology award winners for 2015!

Each year, the editorial staff at Waters Technology recognizes the capital markets industry’s leading sell-side technologies and third-party vendors. After a rigorous review process the winners were announced on the evening of April 21st at the North American Trading Architecture Summit in New York.

We’d like to congratulate the following Azul customers and partners who were highlighted at the awards ceremony this year:

  • Thomson Reuters – Best Data Provider to the Sell-Side
  • Traiana – Best Reporting Platform or Service for the Sell-Side
  • Quartet FS – Best Sell-Side Analytics Product and Best Sell-Side Technology Provider of the Year

The full list of winners is available here.

We’d like to offer our congratulations to the teams at Quartet FS, Traiana, and Thomson Reuters and look forward to a repeat performance next year.

If you’d like to know more about how these sell-side powerhouses are working with Azul, just drop a quick question to and we’ll get back to you within one day.

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Azul Zing and Zulu now Certified with Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

Highlights of this announcement:

  • Red Hat JBoss BRMS and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite are now both certified on Azul’s Zing and Zulu JVMs
  • Customers using JBoss BRMS or JBoss BPM Suite can take advantage of Zing to support larger and more complex in-memory rule sets and datasets, while improving sustained throughput and runtime consistency
  •  Enterprises may now choose a common open source, standards compliant Java runtime and development environment for JBoss BRMS and JBoss BPM Suite across a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS

Full announcement:

Azul Systems (Azul), the award-winning leader in Java runtime solutions, today announced that Zing®, Azul’s high throughput, low latency Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and Zulu®, Azul’s 100 percent open source build of OpenJDK, are now both certified with Red Hat’s business process management (BPM) and business rules management systems (BRMS) technologies. Enterprises can now deploy Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite and Red Hat JBoss BRMS with Azul Java runtimes on multiple certified operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS with Zulu. Zing and Zulu are also certified on a variety of other Red Hat JBoss Middleware products, including Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP), Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, and Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization.

Azul’s Zing includes Azul’s unique C4 pauseless garbage collector that eliminates performance robbing stalls caused by Java garbage collection and can smoothly scale up to 1 TB of heap memory size. Customers using JBoss BPM Suite or JBoss BRMS can take advantage of Zing to support larger and more complex in-memory rulesets, maintain higher sustained throughput (throughput while maintaining a given SLA), and provide highly consistent runtime execution. This allows companies to model more complex and real-time business processes, including regulatory compliance, customer service, eCommerce, supply chain and maintenance systems.

Azul’s Zulu is a Java SE standards compliant build of OpenJDK, the Java community project where Java is developed and evolved. When deployed on Zulu, JBoss BPM Suite and JBoss BRMS can leverage a common open source Java runtime across multiple platforms, from Windows and Mac to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Having a common Java runtime that spans development to deployment improves developer productivity, reduces QA test complexity, and speeds time to market, and with Zulu do so using an open source solution.

JBoss BPM Suite provides standards-based modeling, automation, simulation, and monitoring of business processes. It incorporates the capabilities of JBoss BRMS—a powerful, easy-to-use business rules management system—plus extensions for CEP that let businesses recognize and respond to events in real time from social networks, blogs, and more. These two systems help business and IT users collaborate to manage business logic and quickly modify procedures and policies as needed.

“Azul’s Zing and Zulu JVMs provide important choice and flexibility for our BRMS and BPM customers. With Zing, our customers can achieve enhanced scalability and improved runtime consistency, particularly for larger rulesets and datasets,” noted Mike Piech, general manager, Middleware, Red Hat. “Zulu gives our customers the ability to choose a standards compliant, open source Java runtime for a variety of operating systems, including Windows.”

“Zing and Zulu are now certified across a variety of Red Hat JBoss Middleware products, giving customers new high performance and open source solutions for everything from JBoss Data Grid to JBoss EAP to JBoss BPMS,” said Scott Sellers, president and CEO of Azul Systems. “Enterprises can now develop and deploy a wide array of business-critical Java applications leveraging both the high throughput, low latency Zing JVM and Zulu, our 100 percent open source, fully certified build of OpenJDK.”

Further information and downloads:
For Zing:
For Zulu:
Additional information on JBoss BRMS and BPMS products is available at: and

A full list of Red Hat JBoss products with which Zing and Zulu are certified is available here.

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